MOAI Story

We are husband and wife entrepreneurs with a deep love for community and empowering others to live out the values we believe make us better people!
MOAI began 3 years ago out of our own need for community with like minded people, as we uprooted and moved from our hometown in Michigan to follow a dream of moving to Florida! We discovered quickly that we felt very alone, and that it was harder than we thought to connect with people that shared our good values! We had always heard motivational speakers say "surround yourself with positive people" but we found ourselves asking "where are these people?"
MOAI is the Japanese word for "community" and we have devoted this brand to being a family you can always take with you! We believe in offering VALUE and that is why we have designed every single one of our products to serve and empower you and be a conversation starter between you and others!
We aren't just a company, we are two genuine people. You aren't just our customer, you become our family. Our social platforms are places that we show up daily to connect and engage and show you what it's like to be a part of our MOAI family. MOAI is more than a brand; it's a lifestyle.