MOAI Story

MOAI is the Japanese term for a community of people that share common interests or circumstances. We want to connect people through clothing by motivating, inspiring, encouraging and challenging others to be able to better themselves everyday, to reach their life goals and to help them overcome their biggest obstacles. We want to be our customers biggest supporters. We recognize that some of our biggest successes in life have come from what was once a struggle, we feel it is necessary to embrace who we are and where we came from. MOAI is more than a brand it is a lifestyle.

We motivate each other to reach our dreams and true potential by sharing our success and failures on social media.
We inspire those who have lost hope and have given up on their goals, by seeing the change we’re making in our communities through volunteer efforts and events.

We encourage children and adults to reach out and help others from different walks of life, such as the homeless, abused, military vets, etc.

We challenge others to question our own normal ways of thinking and to try and look at life from others perspectives.

As you search through the site you will notice that there are a couple faces that continue to pop up everywhere, meet Chad and Marissa, the creators of the brand and a husband and wife that have a strong love for others and a passion for self improvement and trying to make the world a better place.

Welcome to the MOAI Family!!